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Warren Heritage Scenic Byway

NJ Department of Transportation designates State Route 57 the Warren Heritage Scenic Byway.
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The Warren County Planning Department has completed the Warren County Transportation Technical Study (June 2018)

Please click on the links below to download the final report. There is also a link to download the Technical Memorandum's that contains material not included in the report but is very important to the final report.
Technical Memoranda
WCTTS Final Report

The Warren County Planning Department has completed the Route 22 Corridor Study.

The need for Route 22 planning is urgent. Over the past decade explosive housing, commercial and retail development in southern Warren County and adjacent communities in Pennsylvania has increased travel demand along this corridor to the point where significant peak period weekday congestion already occurs along portions of the roadway. In addition, new residential, retail and commercial developments, including a Wal-Mart Supercenter, are planned or have been constructed along the Route 22 corridor. Developers also have proposed redeveloping portions of the Ingersoll Rand site in Phillipsburg. Route 22 serves as a major transportation corridor for Pennsylvania residents who commute into the Central New Jersey area and beyond to work.

The study identifies improvements to reduce traffic congestion along the corridor, to improve pedestrian safety and to identify areas where future bicycling routes could be established.

The study is available in a PDF format to download.
Click here for US Route 22 Corridor Improvement Plan
Click here for the US Route 22 Corridor Improvement Plan Appendix

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