County Adjuster  

Department of Human Services Director, Shawn Buskirk

County Adjuster
1 Shotwell Drive
Belvidere, NJ 07823

Adjuster, Shawn Buskirk
Investigator, Donna Marczi
Telephone: (908) 475-6350
Fax: (908) 475-6207

Hours: Mon. - Fri.
8:30 A.M. ~ 4:30 P.M.



Who We Are
The objective of the County Adjuster is to carry out the duties outlines in New Jersey Statute 30:4-34.

What We Do
These duties include having charge and supervision of the preparation of papers relating to the admission and commitment of the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled, and in cases arising in other counties in which legal settlement appears to be in that county. The County Adjuster is responsible for the scheduling of Court hearings for anyone committed to a Federal, State, County, Private, or Special Psychiatric Hospital.

The County Adjuster must assure representation of indigent psychiatric patients; as well as those found to be KROL (not guilty by reason of insanity), Megan's Law and sexually violent predators. Until patients are discharged, they are afforded a review of their admission status on a regular basis.

Each county is responsible to cover the cost of care for its residents. The County Adjuster, acting as a referee of the court, investigates the residency status and the ability to pay of those admitted to these hospitals and reports those findings to the Superior Court. The Superior Court then issues an Order, which indicates the county financially responsible and also the amount, if any, the patient or relative is responsible for at this time.

The County Adjuster also processes mental health record searches for state and local police as part of the gun permit application process.