Public Health Nursing
Warren County Health Dept.
700 Oxford Road
Oxford, NJ 07863
Phone: 908-475-7960
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Health and Clinic Services
in the following areas available:

Blood Pressure Evaluation and Know Your Numbers Screening Program: Blood Pressure Evaluation at senior sites quarterly at regularly scheduled meetings. Know your Numbers Screening Program done throughout the County at request of Municipalities, Mayors, Agency Partners, Businesses and various health fairs.

Childhood Lead Poisoning: Blood lead screening and assessment of lifestyle and environment for sources of lead.

Community Disease Control: Investigation, surveillance and reporting of communicable diseases through the NJ Department of Health Reporting and Surveillance system. Also, non-communicable such as Lyme, Babesiosis.

Community Outreach: Partners with local organizations and businesses to target residents of all age groups to provide health education and assessments.

Emergency Preparedness: Participates in the Warren County Emergency Public Health Task force to establish and maintain a sustainable Public Health Emergency Preparedness Support system that collaborates with County, State, Regional and other community-based organizations to protect the residents of Warren County from any public health emergency.

Flu Vaccine: Flu vaccines are administered at various clinics within the County. Find vaccine clinics here.

Health Education Programs: Provided upon request to individual organizations both private and public.

Hepatitis B Vaccine ( 1st Responders): Hepatitis B vaccine is administered to emergency responders such as police, firemen, emergency personnel and other individuals whose occupations may put them at risk for contracting the Hepatitis B virus.

HIV/AIDS: Information and referrals for testing available.

Men and Women’s Cancer Health Screenings: Health education and screening programs available through NJ CEED (Cancer Education and Early Detection).

School Immunization Audit: Yearly audit of Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School student immunization records to ensure compliance with the NJ Law regarding immunization requirements.

Sussex Warren Chronic Disease Coalition: In collaboration with Sussex County, various community organizations and members, resources are made available as well as educational programs and screenings to increase awareness, encourage prevention and promote early detection of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic: Free and confidential appointments available for Warren County residents.

Tuberculosis Control: Provides Tuberculosis (TB) Case Monitoring and Management, Contact Follow-up, and Provision of Medications.

To request services, please contact us at the following: