Warren County Health Dept.
700 Oxford Road
Oxford, NJ 07863

(908) 475-7960
Hazardous Materials Team

The Warren County Hazardous Materials Team has been developed to give support to Warren County in the response of any HAZMAT and CBRNE incidents. The team is consisted of Warren County Employees who had completed the Hazardous Materials Technician course. Each employee carries a pager which will alert them in the need of a response. The team conducts drills and meetings every month to go over equipment and responses. The team is designated as Station 22 and is dispatched on the Warren County TAC-1 frequency.
Interested in becoming a member? Please contact
Tom Nigro at (908) 475-7960 or (908) 623-6079
Tom Nigro Chief (2260)
Pat Rivoli Assistant Chief (2270)
Chris Mc Cormick Assistant Chief (2280)
Steve Matuszek Captain (2290)
Scott Danielson Captain (2291)

Tom Allen


Steve Brickman


Mia Castellucci


Terry Clancy


Kathy Davis


Rebecca Lunger


Bud Hohola


Cheryl Holowath


Calvin Inscho


Albert Krouse


Kevin Murray


Darren Tynan


Stan Davis


Rodney Miller


22-88 and 1/2
2004 John Deere 6 x 4 Diesel Gator used for response in wooded area. The Gator has a Medical Bed that can be used to remove victims of any incidents. The Gator is also available to county EMS agencies for responses into area where regular vehicles cannot get to.

2004 Ford Excursion used as a Team Leader First Responder Vehicle and is equipped with the following:
  • MSA 5000 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • MSA 4500 SCBA used by Team Leader
  • Solaris 4 Stage Meter
  • Various Reference Books
  • Communications capability
  • HAZ CAT Kit
  • Forcible Entry Tools
  • First Aid Kit

2004 Ford F-550 Rescue 1 Response Vehicle. This vehicle is used by the HAZ MAT Team to respond to the scene of the incident. It can hold 10 team members and has the following:
  • Solaris 4 Stage Meters
  • Mini RAE Meter
  • Mini Radiation Meters
  • Radiation Meters
  • Pads, Booms, Speedy Dry
  • Forcible Entry Tools
  • Non Sparking Tool Kit
  • Decon Equipment
  • Plugs
  • First Aid kit with Oxygen
  • Chief Light Tower
  • Reference Guides
  • HAZ CAT Kit
  • Spare SCBA Bottles
  • MSA 5000 Thermal Imaging Camera, Etc.