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Environmental Health

Chief Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health:
Tracey Hess - (908) 475-7960

The Environmental Health Division of the Warren County Health Department functions to ensure the health of the residents of Warren County. This is accomplished through addressing problems concerning exposure to environmental contaminates by eliminating or minimizing pollutants in the air and water, and by controlling solid and hazardous wastes.

The public is protected against exposure to disease through the inspection of retail food establishments and monitoring of recreational bathing areas. This division enforces compliance of the laws governing environmental and public health and acts as a liaison for many state, county, and local health departments regarding these regulations.

The Environmental Division responsibilities include periodic inspections of a wide array of facilities and sites and responses to complaints received by the public pertaining to any environmental and/or public health safety problem. Investigations of the complaints cover numerous fields which include noise pollution, hazardous substances in ground water, insect and rodent control, heating problems in multi-unit dwellings, noxious weed surface water pollution, and air pollution. Click at the links for more information:

Environmental Health
Air Sanitation:

The Environmental Division conducts inspections of emissions from gas stations, dry cleaners, paint spray booths, boilers and smoke stacks. The Division also responds to odor complaints from residents.

Private Well Supply:

The Environmental Division reviews plans and physically inspects all new well installations in the county. The division also requires that the water be tested for an assortment of metals and organic compounds before the well is put into use.

Septic Systems:


The Environmental Division reviews plans for proposed installation of septic systems and physically inspects the installation.

A Copy of the New Jersey Septic System Code can be obtained by clicking on this link: New Jersey DEP Rules and Regulations

        Homeowner Septic Management:

It is important to maintain and regularly pump your septic system. Regular septic maintenance will save you money in the long run. Repairs to septic systems can be costly, and replacing a septic system costs tens of thousands of dollars!

Failure to properly maintain your septic system is dangerous to your health.When the septic system stops working properly, solid wastes, floatables and scum can get into the groundwater or come to the surface of your lawn. Sewage can back up into your home.

Please click here for a Septic Management Plan brochure for tips on caring for your septic system. Note: legal-sized paper is required for printing.

For the Health Department to assist you in maintaining your system on a regular basis, please complete and return the card included in the brochure.


Solid Waste:

The Environmental Division physically inspects all open landfills in the county. The Division also inspects all recycling facilities and compost facilities. The Division will respond to complaints involving illegal dumping and medical waste.

Water Pollution:

The Environmental Division actively seeks to prevent pollution of all bodies of water including rivers, streams and lakes as well as land areas which drain into these waters. The Division will respond to all citizen's complaints regarding water pollution.

Noise Pollution:

The Environmental Division enforces the Noise Pollution Control Act of New Jersey and will respond to complaints regarding noise from a commercial or industrial source which impacts a private residence.

Hazardous Substances:

The Environmental Division responds with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to any complaint of illegal dumping, discharging, or storage of hazardous substances.

After business hours residents are encouraged to call the Warren County Communication Center or the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection at 1-877-WARNDEP.

Right To Know:

All public and private employers' Right-To-Know surveys are available to residents of Warren County through the division. The Health Department functions as the county lead agency in the Right-To-Know plan and furnishes consultations regarding compliance with it's ordinances.

Potable Water:

The Environmental Division requires and reviews water analysis from every newly installed well that utilizes a well for its potable water supply. The Division also responds to residents complaints regarding water quality from private wells. Public non-community water supplies (wells serving more than 25 people a day) are inspected by the Environmental Division on a routine basis.


The Environmental Division investigates housing complaints concerning lack of potable water and improper heating in apartments.