Located in northwestern New Jersey, Warren County is home to more than 110,000 residents. Bordered by Hunterdon, Morris and Sussex counties in New Jersey and Monroe, Northampton and Bucks counties across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Warren County is a special place with a rich history and beautiful scenery, as well as many employees and volunteers ready to serve you.

The mission of the Warren County Mosquito Control Commission is to protect the health and welfare of the residents of Warren County by controlling mosquito populations that present a disease and/or nuisance threat. They do this by using an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) Approach, and surveillance is at the foundation of all of their efforts. As part of an IMM approach, their program incorporates public education, source reduction, water management, biological controls, and selective insecticides.

The majority of a mosquito's life cycle is spent in the water; therefore, removing artificial sources of water is an extremely easy and effective way to reduce the mosquito population. As residents, you can help provide mosquito control in your own neighborhood by eliminating standing water around your home. Just turn over unused containers, wheelbarrows, and wading pools. Clean your rain gutters regularly, recycle tires, and change the water in bird baths and pet dishes every few days. The Commission can stock mosquito-eating fish in unused swimming pools and ornamental ponds at no charge. For more information about this and other programs at the Mosquito Commission, please visit www.warrencountymosquito.org or call at (908) 453-3585.

Hello, and welcome to the official government website of Warren County, New Jersey. Here you will find useful information about the county and the programs and services county government offers; documents and forms to download; and links to a range of governmental entities.

Whether you are a resident, a potential visitor, someone doing business in Warren County or with the county government, or just seeking to learn more about this area, we sincerely hope that this website provides you with the information you need.

Our main contact number is 908-475-6200.
You also can click here to send an electronic message to the Warren County offices.

As you will see, a wide variety of people and organizations are here to serve you. We, the members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, wish to thank you for your interest in Warren County and its government.

Edward J. Smith, Freeholder Director
Richard D. Gardner, Freeholder Deputy Director
Jason J. Sarnoski, Freeholder

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